Hello! I’m a startup founder based in Canada that likes to think about tech, society, health & more recently, AI (I know 🤷). Tune in if you’re interested in any of those topics and like the occasional read that gets you to think different.

Thanks for tagging along 🚴‍♀️ 🚴‍♂️

PS. I’m going to attempt to feature sci-fi artists in the newsletter and will reference them towards the end of the piece. This particular illustration is by an incredible Yugoslavian artist from the 70s named Nikolai Lutohin.

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I like to think about tech & society, and occasionally write some of those thoughts out.


Lifelong techie and incurably curious about all things tech. I’m a fan of hard sci-fi novels and geeking out about the latest trends in AI. Engineer turned startup founder, now exploring ideas for startup #2